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Baxi Combi 105E, Instant 105E Fan 248002

Fits: Baxi Combi 105E,Baxi Combi Instant 105E,Baxi Performa 28,Baxi Performa 28I,Baxi Performa System 28 E,Baxi System 60/100,
Price: £82.95


Baxi Combi 105E, Instant 105E Fan 248002

When fitting a Fan Assembly it is good practice to change the Fan – Air Pressure Switch Tubing because this tubing becomes brittle over time and will cause the boiler to intermittently trip off. When the tubing becomes brittle it cracks and causes the air flow from the fan to the air pressure switch to weaken hence tripping out the boiler.

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Product Fits

Baxi Combi 105E
Baxi Combi Instant 105E
Baxi System 60/100