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Worcester Junior 24I, 28i Expansion Vessel - 87161055450

Fits: Worcester 12I System Boilers,Worcester 24I Junior Rsf,Worcester 24I Junior Rsf Lpg,Worcester 24I System Boilers,Worcester 28I Junior Rsf,Worcester 28I Junior Rsf Lpg,Worcester Greenstar 25Si,Worcester Greenstar 30Si,Worcester Greenstar Junior 24I,Wo
Price: £54.95


Worcester Expansion Vessel - 87161055450

Note it is good practice to change the Pressure Relief Valve when replacing the Expansion Vessel.


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Product Fits

Worcester 12I System Boilers
Worcester 24I Junior Rsf
Worcester 24I Junior Rsf Lpg
Worcester 24I System Boilers
Worcester 28I Junior Rsf
Worcester 28I Junior Rsf Lpg
Worcester Greenstar 25Si
Worcester Greenstar 30Si
Worcester Greenstar Junior 24I
Worcester Greenstar Junior 28I
Worcester Greenstar 12i System Ng
Worcester Greenstar 24i Junior Combi Lpg
Worcester Greenstar 24i System
Worcester Greenstar 24i System
Worcester Greenstar 25Si Combi Lpg
Worcester Greenstar 28i Junior Combi Lpg
Worcester Greenstar 30Si Combi Lpg