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Alpha Boiler Spare Parts Leeds West Yorkshire

Alpha spare parts are manufactured by Alpha Heating Innovation, which is a company with an exceptional reputation for delivering high-efficiency boiler parts. We are pleased to offer a variety of Alpha boiler spares to meet your boiler needs. Alpha has always manufactured boilers that have quality and advanced components that contribute to enhancing the boiler’s efficiency. We, at AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd, have been supplying and delivering Alpha boiler spare parts to our customers throughout the UK for over 10 years. Customers find the spare parts are worth spending money on because the components not only repair their boiler, but they also enhance the overall performance of the boiler.

The Range Of Boiler Spares From Alpha

Alpha boilers contain spare parts such as Printed Circuit Boards, Diverter Valves, Fan Assembly, Pressure Transducers, Air Pressure Switches, Electrodes, Burners, Expansion Vessels, Gas Valves, Automatic Air Vents, Pressure Gauges, Pumps and more.

These parts fit in the following range of Alpha boilers:

    • 240, 280, 350
    • Combi CD 25X, CD 28X
    • Combi CD 25C, CD 28C, CD 35C
    • CB 24, CB 24X, CB 28, CB 28X
    • HE CB25, HE CB3, HE SY25
    • InTec, InTec2
    • ProTec

As mentioned, these Alpha spares are not only designed to assist with any repairs, but they can also enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your boiler. This ensures that you can continue to heat your home comfortably while keeping your repair bills low. If you are unsure regarding what spare part you need, we are more than happy to assist. You may need to invest in a diverter valve, for example, if your current valve has become sticky or jammed. When this happens, the valve will not be able to function correctly, which presents problems regarding switching between hot water for your taps and the central heating. If you have noticed that your boiler has gradually been losing pressure when switched off or even just overnight, and you have tried topping up the system with the charge key, but the problem persists, it is likely that you need a new expansion vessel. Please do not hesitate to give us a call for further advice.

Why You Need To Source Alpha Boiler Parts With Care

If you have already done a bit of browsing online for Alpha boiler parts, you will notice that many different companies are selling these parts. However, you do need to be mindful regarding where you purchase Alpha parts – don’t merely go for the cheapest option you come across, especially on reselling websites like eBay whereby a lot of people try to pass off cheap copies as the real deal. You can cause more harm than good to your boiler if you replace an existing Alpha part with an affordable and generic alternative. You could go from requiring a new gas valve to needing the entire boiler replaced, so it is not worth the risk. You need to make sure the company you purchase from is an official stockist of genuine Alpha spare parts. This is something you can be confident with AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd, as we have been selling Alpha boiler parts for more than 10 years now. By using genuine manufacturer spare parts, you can be sure that the correct part has been fitted to your boiler so that efficiency and performance are maintained. Not only this, but official spare parts will come with the required certification, and many come with a decent warranty too. When you have invested in a high-quality Alpha boiler, to begin with, the only way to keep performance levels high and avoid further repairs is to stick with the manufacturer's spare parts. Alpha parts are specifically designed and manufactured to help your boiler runs smoothly; they contribute to increasing the longevity of your boiler, thus providing you with heat and hot water on demand.

Why Is AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd The Best Choice For Alpha Boiler Spares?

Our aim at AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd is to provide you with quality Alpha spare parts that you can rely on. Your central heating system will work more efficiently when repaired. Whether you immediately want to replace the faulty boiler part or keep spares on one side for future use, we are here to assist you. There are many different reasons why we believe we are the best supplier of Alpha boiler spares. This includes the fact that we have extensive experience in the industry, especially when it comes to Alpha products. You only need to look at the feedback that has been left by our previous customers to see that this is the case. You will find that we have an outstanding reputation in the industry for the service we provide and the quality of our products. We always go the extra mile to ensure that our customers have everything they need. This is represented in the variety of delivery options we have available, as well as the customer service we provide. We are always happy to take your calls and answer any queries you may have, no matter how big or small. If you are not sure which Alpha boiler spare parts you need to get, you can explain the issue to our team, and we will provide you with the expert advice you are looking for.

Purchase Alpha Spare Parts From AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd Today

IAK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd are located in Leeds West Yorkshire and have been offering a wide variety of Alpha boiler spare parts to our clients in Leeds and around the UK for over 10 years. Please do not hesitate to place an order via our website at or give us a call for more information today. You can quickly add the spare parts you need to your cart and follow the simple checkout process. We offer many different delivery options for you to choose from, including next day delivery and special Saturday delivery. We also deliver to the Republic of Ireland. If you have any questions about our service or the parts we have for sale, please give us a call today on 01977 554775.

Alpha 1.022220 CD25 Plate Heat Exchanger

Part: 1.022220

Price: £85.00
Alpha 6.5646210 240, 280 Diverter Valve

Part: 6.5646210

Price: £143.00
Alpha 6.5646200 240, 280 Diverter Valve

Part: 6.5646200

Price: £105.00
Alpha 6.5634660 500E (7.5 Litre) Expansion Vessel

Part: 6.5634660A

Price: £133.28
Alpha 6.5629950 240, 280 (DHW) Flow Housing

Part: 6.5629950

Price: £70.00
Alpha 6.5625460 240 Heat Exchanger (Plate)

Part: 6.5625460

Price: £80.00
Alpha 3.019689 CD50C, CB50 Motor For Diverter Valve

Part: 3.019689

Price: £116.08
Alpha 3.015562 CD Diverter Valve

Part: 3.015562

Price: £90.00
Alpha 3.012752 CB, CD Diverter Valve

Part: 3.012752

Price: £120.00
Alpha 1.023560 Expansion Vessel

Part: 1.023560

Price: £82.00
Alpha 1.022593 240E, 280E, 500E Fan

Part: 1.022593

Price: £110.00
Alpha 1.022222 CD35, HE33 Heat Exchanger (Plate)

Part: 1.022222

Price: £135.00
Alpha 1.022221 CD28 Plate Heat Exchanger

Part: 1.022221

Price: £93.00
Alpha 1.021528 240 280 (8 Litre) Expansion Vessel

Part: 1.021528

Price: £102.33
Alpha 1.018837 CB50 CD50 DHW Expansion Vessel

Part: 1.018837

Price: £109.92
Alpha 1.018597 CD32C, HE33 Heat Exchanger (Plate)

Part: 1.018597

Price: £169.98
Alpha 1.018064 CD (Motor) Diverter Valve

Part: 1.018064

Price: £32.00
Alpha 1.015958 CB28 Heat Exchanger (Plate)

Part: 1.015958

Price: £95.00
Alpha 1.015957 CD 24 Plate Heat Exchanger

Part: 1.015957

Price: £115.00
Alpha 3.021692 Intec Plate Heat Exchanger

Part: 3.021692

Price: £119.61
Alpha 3.025195 Eco Intec 2 Fan

Part: 3.025195

Price: £129.95
Alpha 1.027178 Intec Fan

Part: 1.027178

Price: £129.95
Alpha 6.5607294 Ocean Fan

Part: 6.5607294

Price: £174.76
Alpha 1.022592 240 280 Fan

Part: 1.022592

Price: £110.00
Alpha 1.018745 C23, C27 Fan

Part: 1.018745

Price: £94.95
Alpha 1.017998 CB Fan

Part: 1.017998

Price: £95.00
Alpha 1.012307 CB50 Fan

Part: 1.012307

Price: £118.45
Alpha 1.010659 CD Fan

Part: 1.010659

Price: £200.01
Alpha 1.030996 Intec 2, Eco 2 Expansion Vessel

Part: 1.030996

Price: £87.26
Alpha Diverter Valve Motor 1.5720

Part: 1.5720

Price: £124.71
Alpha 1.028572 Eco Intec Motor For Diverter Valve

Part: 1.028572

Price: £39.95
Alpha Flow Switch Spacer 1.028642

Part: 1.028642

Price: £30.65
Alpha 1.017439 Fixing Clip For Overheat Thermostat

Part: 1.017439

Price: £4.47
Alpha Expansion Relief Valve 6.0001042

Part: 6.0001042

Price: £25.44
Alpha 3.014023 CB 50 Fitting Safety Valve Assembly

Part: 3.014023

Price: £31.05
Alpha Valve 1.8244

Part: 1.8244

Price: £80.92
Alpha 1.023565 Pressure Relief Valve

Part: 1.023565

Price: £22.95
Alpha Pressure Gauge 6.8922330

Part: 6.8922330

Price: £57.13
Alpha 6.8417430 240 280 (Lead) Electrode

Part: 6.8417430

Price: £15.65
Alpha 6.5644680 240, 280 Gas Valve

Part: 6.5644680

Price: £159.95
Alpha 6.5643230 240 DHW Microswitch

Part: 6.5643230

Price: £11.58
Alpha 6.5630520 240 Gas Valve

Part: 6.5630520

Price: £215.64
Alpha 6.5629560 240, 280 Air Pressure Switch

Part: 6.5629560

Price: £40.00
Alpha 6.5626890 240 & 280 Neon Printed Circuit Board

Part: 6.5626890

Price: £27.68
Alpha 6.5625770 240 Microswitch

Part: 6.5625770

Price: £13.85
Alpha 6.5625660 240 & 280 Thermocouple

Part: 6.5625660

Price: £11.00
Alpha Ocean Thermocouple 6.5614721

Part: 6.5614721

Price: £15.44
Alpha 6.1000801 Diaphragm

Part: 6.1000801

Price: £8.00
Alpha 6.1000765 Diaphragm Repair Kit

Part: 6.1000765

Price: £11.00
Alpha 6.1000760 240, 280 Service Kit For Diverter Valve

Part: 6.1000760

Price: £43.65
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