Biasi Boiler Spare Parts

Biasi Boiler Spare Parts

Biasi Boiler Spare Parts Leeds West Yorkshire

Biasi spares and their provision are an integral part of the quality manufacturing and services provided by Biasi. This well-established company has more than 75 years of manufacturing experience and is a reputable supplier of ERP boilers, spare parts and unvented cylinders to the heating industry. They are widely chosen for their innovative and incredibly designed boilers. Biasi manufactures a range of boilers that play a great role in ensuring homes across the UK are heated in an energy efficient way. All the components within these boilers are made using the finest quality products.

Know Your Biasi Spare Parts UK Availability

If you have a boiler breakdown or find that your boiler is not as efficient as it once was, you may be tempted to have a whole new system fitted. However, this is costly and often unnecessary. Biasi boilers are designed and manufactured in such a way that a wide range of parts can be removed and replaced easily, under the careful watch of a trained heating engineer, of course. Knowing which Biasi spare parts UK wide you can access is the first step to cost- and time-efficient boiler repair. Biasi boilers contain spare parts such as Printed Circuit Boards, Diverter Valves, Fan Assembly, Pressure Transducers, Air Pressure Switches, Electrodes, Burners, Expansion Vessels, Gas Valves, Automatic Air Vents, Pressure Gauges, Pumps and more.

These Biasi spares and parts fit into the following Biasi boilers:

  • Activ A, Activ A Plus
  • Advance Plus
  • Garda, Garda He, Garda He Plus
  • Inovia
  • Parva
  • Prisma
  • Riva, Riva Compact, Riva Compact He

Where To Source Biasi M90E 24s Parts And Other Spares

Once you know what you need, the next question is where you source those parts from. There are numerous options available to you for Biasi M90E 24s parts and other Biasi spares. However, not all options are as cost-effective as they may first seem. Your first option is to allow your heating engineer to source the parts as part of the work they carry out. However, this means that you have little or no control over the quality or source of the spare part, and will most likely pay a premium price, even if it is not a premium quality part. While this approach saves you time, it is unlikely to be the most economical option. Your next choice is to buy the cheapest part you find online. However, the cheapest is rarely the best, and there is no guarantee that you will source a genuine component part. The only way to ensure that you achieve this, and get value for money too, is to use a reputable and genuine Biasi parts supplier.

AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd Cover All Your Genuine Biasi Spares Needs

We at AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd know how important it is to be able to source the parts you need, whether you are a residential customer or a tradesperson looking for a good deal. AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd are located in Leeds West Yorkshire and have been offering a wide variety of Biasi boiler spare parts to our clients in Leeds and around the UK for over 10 years. All our Biasi spares can be ordered via our website at Alternatively, you can order by phone on 01977 554775, or at our trade counter in Leeds. If you have any questions about the parts we supply or are unsure about the parts you need, then contact one of our team today.

Biasi BI1503108 Advance Detection Electrode

Part: BI1503108

Price: £24.76
Biasi KI1066157 Lockout Lamp

Part: KI1066157

Price: £6.61
Biasi KI1066111 Drive Shaft

Part: KI1066111

Price: £3.99
Biasi KI1066104 Prisma & Savio Overheat Thermostat

Part: KI1066104

Price: £30.54
Biasi Injector & Gasket (NG) KI1064505

Part: KI1064505

Price: £21.05
Biasi Injector & Gasket (LPG) KI1064506

Part: KI1064506

Price: £20.47
Biasi BI2015100 Garda HE Main Printed Circuit Board

Part: BI2015100

Price: £159.95
Biasi BI1625103 Garda Digital Time Clock

Part: BI1625103

Price: £75.85
Biasi BI1605112 Garda Riva Power Printed Circuit Board

Part: BI1605112

Price: £119.95
Biasi BI1605106 Riva Compact Knob

Part: BI1605106

Price: £4.14
Biasi BI1535101 Garda Knob

Part: BI1535101

Price: £3.96
Biasi BI1525101 Riva 24 Hour Digital Time Clock

Part: BI1525101

Price: £71.37
Biasi BI1515101 Riva Compact Knob

Part: BI1515101

Price: £3.96
Biasi BI1475118 Riva & Garda 7 Day Digital Time Clock

Part: BI1475118

Price: £83.85
Biasi BI1475116 Parva Main Printed Circuit Board

Part: BI1475116

Price: £152.71
Biasi BI1475108 Riva Compact Pressure Gauge

Part: BI1475108

Price: £38.21
Biasi BI1475105 Pin/Shaft For Knob

Part: BI1475105

Price: £3.96
Biasi BI1475102 Parva Knob

Part: BI1475102

Price: £3.96
Biasi BI1442106 Activ A Thermister

Part: BI1442106

Price: £14.82
Biasi BI1305101 Garda Riva Ignition Printed Circuit Board

Part: BI1305101

Price: £107.95
Biasi BI1262104 Garda & Rvia Compact Flue Thermostat

Part: BI1262104

Price: £44.45
Biasi BI1262102 Riva Compact Plus HE Heat Exchanger (Main)

Part: BI1262102

Price: £229.90
Biasi BI1262101 Garda Parva Heat Exchanger (Main)

Part: BI1262101

Price: £159.95
Biasi BI1212107 Automatic Air Vent

Part: BI1212107

Price: £12.75
Biasi BI1206118 Window (Glass & Rubber Frame)

Part: BI1206118

Price: £9.01
Biasi BI1202102 Garda Riva Plus Heat Exchanger (Main)

Part: BI1202102

Price: £229.90
Biasi BI1182105 Riva Advance Garda He Plus Expansion Vessel

Part: BI1182105

Price: £53.64
Biasi BI1172111 Garda, Parva, Riva Compact Auto Air Vent

Part: BI1172111

Price: £11.50
Biasi BI1172105 Overheat Thermostat

Part: BI1172105

Price: £10.95
Biasi BI1141501 Diverter Valve Repair Kit

Part: BI1141501

Price: £39.95
Biasi BI1131501 Return Group Kit

Part: BI1131501

Price: £98.49
Biasi BI1131100 Riva Compact 3 Bar Safety Valve

Part: BI1131100

Price: £14.95
Biasi BI1123103 M90 M90E M90F M96 RH Ignition Electrode

Part: BI1123103

Price: £13.90
Biasi BI1123102 M90, M90D, M90F, M96 Detection Electrode

Part: BI1123102

Price: £12.29
Biasi BI1123101 M90 M90E M90F M96 LH Ignition Electrode

Part: BI1123101

Price: £13.90
Biasi BI1105500 Prisma Gaia Pressure Gauge

Part: BI1105500

Price: £43.23
Biasi BI1101102 M90, M90D, M90F, M96 (Motor) Diverter Valve

Part: BI1101102

Price: £32.25
Biasi BI1101101 Clip Holds Motor Onto Diverter Valve

Part: BI1101101

Price: £3.96
Biasi BI1045133 Prisma 24S Main Printed Circuit Board

Part: BI1045133

Price: £119.95
Biasi BI1015501 24S 28S Ignition Printed Circuit Board

Part: BI1015501

Price: £114.95
Biasi BI1015112 Prisma 24S & 28S Mechanical Time Clock

Part: BI1015112

Price: £74.95
Biasi BI1013104 Prisma Riva 24S LH Ignition Electrode

Part: BI1013104

Price: £13.12
Biasi BI1013103 Prisma Riva 24S RH Ignition Electrode

Part: BI1013103

Price: £13.57
Biasi BI1013102 Prisma Riva 24S Detection Electrode

Part: BI1013102

Price: £12.29
Biasi BI1011504 Diverter Valve Repair Kit

Part: BI1011504

Price: £37.50
Biasi BI1011503 Riva 24S Diverter Valve

Part: BI1011503

Price: £134.95
Biasi BI1011501 By-Pass Kit

Part: BI1011501

Price: £8.07
Biasi BI1011114 Pressure Disc (DHW)

Part: BI1011114

Price: £13.65
Biasi BI1011111 Pressure Switch Disc (CH)

Part: BI1011111

Price: £8.71
Biasi BI1011110 Pressure Switch Spring (CH)

Part: BI1011110

Price: £7.62
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