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Biasi BI1001102 Garda, Riva Compact Heat Exchanger (Plate)

This Biasi Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Plate Heat Exchanger BI1001102 is located within the boiler with the sole purpose of providing hot water to the hot tap. This replaces part No. BG1001102.

Price: £64.50

Biasi BI1001102 Garda, Riva Compact Heat Exchanger (Plate)

This Biasi Secondary Heat Exchanger is located within the hydraulics and diverter valve section of the boiler. It allows heat that is generated by the main heat exchanger to be transferred across the plates of this heat exchanger, heat is then transferred across the plates which in turn heat up the cold water coming through the boiler and provides hot water direct to the hot taps.

Most Engineers Change The Lip Seals when changing this Biasi Plate Heat Exchanger , Please Read Why Below.

This Plate Heat Exchangers is connected to the hydraulics of the boiler via 4 lip seals that sit between the metal plate heat exchanger and the composite hydraulic block. If these seals are old and brittle they will fail to work especially when the old plate heat exchanger is removed. It is good practice to change all 4 seals lubricate them with silicone grease to ensure there are no leaks when the new domestic hot water heat exchanger is fitted.

If you check below we may have displayed the Lip Seals you require and also a small pot of Silicone Grease for you to purchase if you feel you require them.

Product Fits
Biasi 28S
Biasi Garda He M96 - 28Sm-D2
Biasi Garda He M96 -28Sm-B2
Biasi Garda He M96.28 Sm/B
Biasi Garda He M96.28 Sm/D
Biasi Garda M90E- 28S
Biasi Garda M90F 28S
Biasi Parva M90 28S
Biasi Prisma 28Se
Biasi Riva 28S
Biasi Riva Compact He M96.28 Sm/C
Biasi Riva Compact M90E 28S
Biasi Riva Plus M90D 28S
Biasi Riva Plus M90D 28Sr
Biasi Savio Gaia 28S
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Further Information
This is an OEM Part

The term OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer" this part is an original part and was bought from the Original manufacturer of the part.

What does that really mean?
The part was made by a company for a boiler manufacturer such as Wocester Bosch, Baxi, Glowworm etc.

Below is an example:

• Gas Valves on most British Gas Boilers are made by Honeywell, Sit, White Rogers etc. This means that these manufacturers are the OEM for the Boiler Manufacturers, so as long as the original part is purchased (Honeywell, Sit, White Rogers) from the OEM it can be sold as an original OEM product.

OEM parts are also referred to as After Market Parts.