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Same Day Deliveries

Gas Boiler Spare Parts - Same Day Deliveries - AKT Fast

We’ve all been up against it on a job, and know leaving the job to pick up part will set your full day back. This led to the creation of our ‘AKT Fast’ delivery for engineers of Leeds, all you need to do is pick up the phone and have the part delivered to you in 30 minutes.

Make your working life easier

Stress can easily creep up on you as a gas safe engineer, and traffic of the city centre can amplify this, and leave you having to let valuable customers down. Leaving a job to head to the supplier, adds an unnecessary round trip to your day, all the while staring at the clock and watch the minutes tick by. This additional stress can then impact the job with your frustration levels increased, and what’s worse it may then go home with you and affect your family and down time. I’ve experienced all this first hand, and this first hand experience lead to my wracking my brain to help combat this.

AKT Fast delivery allows you to work more efficiently. Pick up the phone, dial 0113 859 1119 order the part and we will get this delivered to the address of the job. While the order is on its way, you can crack on removing the faulty part and preparing the job. Our average delivery time around Leeds city centre is 15 minutes, with an average delivery cost of £7.50. We’ll also send you a WhatsApp message with an estimated time for the part to be delivered.

Getting time for yourself on a busy day can feel impossible, some of our engineers who love the service get the part delivered to their home address, allowing them to grab some lunch while still feeling as though they are getting work done.

Customers value service for an easy life

As we move into the winter months customers are more than happy to pay the additional delivery fee, if it means the job gets done there and then and they have heating and hot water. The avoidance of re-booking reduces your stress but also the customers, making it a win-win situation.

Going above and beyond with your service, will lead to positive reviews and positive word of mouth, which we have found to be the best form of advertising. All done by picking up the phone and giving Ak Gas a call.

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