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Won't your pilot light stay lit on your Baxi Solo Wm boiler? Are you lighting the pilot light but as soon as you let go of the button the pilot light goes out?
Normally when this happens it is one of two things:

 1)    70% of the time the thermocouple 225496BAX has stopped working, the thermocouple sits in the pilot flame detecting that the flame is lit. The thermocouple gets hot and sends a small electric current down to the gas valve confirming the pilot light is lit. This allows you to let the button go because the small electric current that is generated by the thermocouple retains the pilot light. The thermocouple is the 1st thing to change if you can’t get the pilot light to stay lit.
2)    15% of the time the gas valve has failed, this happens because the solenoid within the gas valve that is operated by the small electric current that is being generated by the thermocouple has stopped working.

The other reasons why the pilot light may not be working is the overheat thermostat maybe faulty or the pilot flame is not strong enough, this is normally due to the pilot injector being blocked.

Baxi Solo Wm Thermocouple 225496BAX

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