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Baxi Gas Valve 062623

Fits: Baxi Bermuda, Baxi Boston, Baxi Floor Standing (FS), Baxi Wall Mounted (WM)
Price: £71.93


Gas Valve - 062623

Product Fits

Baxi Bermuda 25/1
Baxi Bermuda 401 Boiler Only
Baxi Bermuda 551 Boiler Only
Baxi Bermuda 552 Cat 1N - Ng
Baxi Bermuda 552 Lpg
Baxi Boston 40 Of
Baxi Boston 40 Rs
Baxi Boston 50 Of
Baxi Boston 50 Rs
Baxi Boston 60 Of
Baxi Boston 60 Rs
Baxi Boston 70 Of
Baxi Boston 70 Rs
Baxi Boston 80 Of
Baxi Boston 80 Rs
Baxi Fs 401 Of Chb
Baxi Fs 401 Rs Chb
Baxi Fs 401S Of Chb
Baxi Fs 401S Rs Chb
Baxi Fs 501 Of Chb
Baxi Fs 501 Rs Chb
Baxi Fs 501S Of Chb
Baxi Fs 501S Rs Chb
Baxi Fs 601 Of Chb
Baxi Fs 601 Rs Chb
Baxi Fs 601S Of Chb
Baxi Fs 601S Rs Chb
Baxi Fs 701 Of Chb
Baxi Fs 701 Rs Chb
Baxi Fs 701S Of Chb
Baxi Fs 701S Rs Chb
Baxi Fs 801 Of Chb
Baxi Fs 801 Rs Chb
Baxi Fs 801S Of Chb
Baxi Fs 801S Rs Chb
Baxi Wm 281 Rs Cat 1N
Baxi Wm 282 Rs Cat 1N
Baxi Wm 381 Rs Cat 1N
Baxi Wm 382 Rs Cat 1N
Baxi Wm 40/3 Of
Baxi Wm 401 Of Cat 1N
Baxi Wm 402 Of Cat 1 Ng
Baxi Wm 511 Rs Cat 1N
Baxi Wm 512 Rs Cat 1N
Baxi Wm 532 Rs Cat 1N
Baxi Wm 55/3 Of
Baxi Wm 551 Of Cat 1N
Baxi Wm 552 Of Cat 1 Ng

Guarantees & Warranties

All parts sold by AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd are brand new, they are not used or reconditioned in any way. When buying from us you can rest assured your product is CE Approved and comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

Further Information

This is an OEM Part