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Worcester 24Cdi, 26Cdi Extra Gas Valve Dungs 87161026730

Fits: Worcester 26 Cdi Xtra Lpg,Worcester 24Cdi-Bf/Ng,Worcester 24Cdi-Of/Lpg,Worcester 24Cdi-Of/Ng,Worcester 24Cdi-Rsf/Lpg,Worcester 24Cdi-Rsf/Ng,Worcester 24Si Ii,Worcester 26 Cdi Xtra,Worcester 28Cdi-Rsf/Lpg,Worcester 28Cdi-Rsf/Ng,
Price: £134.00


Worcester Gas Valve (Dungs) 87161026730 Replaced Part Number 87470033660: Note this gas valve is 1 of 2 gas valves that fits the boilers below, the connections to this gas valve are at the front if the connection are at the back of the gas valve you require part number 87470036010.

When a gas valve is fitted it should be tested for gas tightness, most engineers use a quality leak detector spray that this gives them an immediate indication that the gas valve is fitted correctly. 

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Product Fits

Worcester 26 Cdi Xtra Lpg
Worcester 24Cdi-Bf/Ng
Worcester 24Cdi-Of/Lpg
Worcester 24Cdi-Of/Ng
Worcester 24Cdi-Rsf/Lpg
Worcester 24Cdi-Rsf/Ng
Worcester 24Si Ii
Worcester 26 Cdi Xtra
Worcester 28Cdi-Rsf/Lpg
Worcester 28Cdi-Rsf/Ng
Worcester 28Si Ii