The AAV as it is also known is fitted to the boiler to automatically remove air from the central heating system and the boiler. They work using a float which opens when air is present and closes when it detects no air This ensures air can’t get into the boiler which could cause airlocks and a variety of other problems to the boiler. The auto air vent is normally located on the pump housing ensuring air is removed from the boiler at this point, the point where the water is being circulated and where air bubbles would occur. The pump circulates water around the boiler and also around the central heating system but if the air was present within the pump, the pump would cease to be effective, the boiler would overheat which would cause the boiler to turn off on an overheat fault. Auto-Air Vents are fitted to every boiler and should be checked regularly to ensure they are in good working order.

Main Auto Air Vent 430054

Part: 430054

Price: £8.95
Alpha 1.010771 240, Cb, Cd Auto Air Vent

Part: 1.010771

Price: £14.00
Ideal 173813 Mini Auto Air Vent

Part: 173813

Price: £8.95
Main Pump Airvent 720532801

Part: 720532801

Price: £19.95
Sime 6017210 Manual Air Vent

Part: 6017210

Price: £13.64
Halstead 851025 Barlo Duo Auto Air Vent

Part: 851025

Price: £11.00
Chaffoteaux 998643 Auto Air Vent

Part: 998643

Price: £12.00
Ariston 60000994 Air Separator

Part: 60000994

Price: £17.57
Potterton 5106932 Automatic Air Vent

Part: 5106932

Price: £13.75
Main Auto Air Vent 430000

Part: 430000

Price: £9.95
Glowworm S801186 Auto Air Vent

Part: S801186

Price: £13.75
Saunier Duval Auto Air Vent - 0020014161

Part: 0020014161

Price: £15.95
Potterton Auto Air Vent 240396

Part: 240396

Price: £13.50
Saunier Duval Automatic de-aerator S1005600

Part: S1005600

Price: £14.95
Vokera 10029306 Linea He Unica Auto Air Vent

Part: 10029306

Price: £14.15
Glowworm Automatic de-aerator S1005600

Part: S1005600

Price: £14.95
Ideal 172525 Mini Auto Air Vent

Part: 172525

Price: £11.50
Chaffoteaux 995865 Auto Air Vent

Part: 995865

Price: £10.46
Ravenheat 0008VAL11010/0 Automatic Air Vent

Part: 0008VAL11010/0

Price: £11.55
Potterton Pump Airvent 720532801

Part: 720532801

Price: £19.95
Ideal Mexico He Auto Air Vent 174174

Part: 174174

Price: £12.51
Potterton Automatic Air Vent 247391

Part: 247391

Price: £8.95
Ravenheat 5015015 Air Purge Valve

Part: 5015015

Price: £11.55
Saunier Duval Auto Air Vent 2000801898

Part: 2000801898

Price: £14.95
Remeha 720532801 Automatic Air Vent

Part: 720532801

Price: £19.95
Ideal 113116 Classic Auto Air Vent

Part: 113116

Price: £14.50
Ariston 571639 Ecogenus Auto Air Vent

Part: 571639

Price: £11.04
Worcester 87161064990 Greenstar Manual Air Vent

Part: 87161064990

Price: £6.66
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