Myson Zone Valve Powerhead ACT222

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Myson Powerhead 240V Motorised Valve Replacement Head

Myson Zone Valve Powerhead ACT222

This valve is used across a wide range of heating applications from central heating to hot water separation through to underfloor heating, it is sometimes called a 2 port valve and is always controlled via a room style thermostat. The valve in its basic function opens and closes and allows water to flow when the valve is open and stops the flow when the valve is closed. It is always found in S plan central heating systems but is also used in other types of central heating setups such as C plans. The valve is made up of a motor and microswitches that in turn send a 240V feed out to the controls on a central heating system.

Product Features

  • Spring return action
  • Manual lever for overriding electrical controls
  • Motorised head is replaceable without needing to drain down
  • Microswitch for electrical control of pumps and/or boilers
  • Extremely quiet operation, low power consumption

Most engineers fit these valves using a 5 way electrical connector to prevent disturbing the actual wiring in the wiring centre. If you require one of these it can be viewed in the related product section below.

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