The pressure switches tend to be fitted to the older standard efficiency boilers Pressure switches can relate to water, gas or air and are used to restrict or allow the flow of specific material dependent on the pressure variables they are designed to switch the boiler off if the pressure in the boiler falls below a pre-set pressure normally 0.5 bar or 0.25 bar of pressure. This prevents the boiler from running at low pressures which prevent damage to the boiler. A pressure transducer is an electronic device and monitors the pressure all of the time and turns the boiler off if the boiler falls below 0.5 bar or 0.25 bar but it also turns off the boiler if the pressure gets too high within the boiler and this is normally set at around 2.75 bar.

Ferroli 39806180 Pressure Switch

Part: 39806180

Price: £19.00
Baxi 910026 Low Water Pressure Switch

Part: 910026

Price: £35.52
Potterton Pressure Switch Bracket 212534

Part: 212534

Price: £3.96
Halstead 500625 Hero Air Pressure Switch

Part: 500625

Price: £52.13
Glowworm Low Water Pressure Switch 0020061607

Part: 0020061607

Price: £41.35
Baxi COM562034 Low Water Pressure Switch

Part: COM562034

Price: £76.66
Main Switch 228954

Part: 228954

Price: £5.71
Main Water Pressure Switch COM562034

Part: COM562034

Price: £76.66
Vaillant 0020059717 Ecotec Pressure Sensor

Part: 0020059717

Price: £23.72
Heatline D003200038 Pressure Switch

Part: D003200038

Price: £29.95
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