Also known as an NTC temperature sensor, they monitor the temperature of the central heating water and also the domestic hot water, by sending a signal to the main printed circuit board which in turn reduces the amount of gas that is being delivered to the burner hence reducing the amount of gas being used and making the boiler more efficient.

Thermostats are safety devices which are fitted to all boilers, they are also referred to as limit stats, control stats and overheat stats. The control thermostat normally sits behind the control knob at the front of the boiler The thermostat is a control on the boiler that enables you to change or set the temperature of your central heating system most of the other thermostats are located inside the boiler and monitor temperature. If excessive temperatures are detected the thermostats turn off the boiler and normally have to be re-set to allow the boiler to work again.

Glowworm 2000801183 Compact Overheat Thermostat

Part: 2000801183

Price: £18.36
Saunier Duval Thermister 2000800504

Part: 2000800504

Price: £15.95
Baxi 235840 Genesis Thermister

Part: 235840

Price: £22.95
Saunier Duval Over Heat Thermostat 2000801179

Part: 2000801179

Price: £20.16
Potterton Limit Stat 404S613

Part: 404S613

Price: £11.18
Baxi 404496 Stat

Part: 404496

Price: £54.89
Potterton Sensor 5130291

Part: 5130291

Price: £39.62
Baxi 5130291 Combi Instant CH NTC Sensor

Part: 5130291

Price: £39.62
Heatrae Sadia 95612684 Cut Out

Part: 95612684

Price: £27.48
Chaffoteaux 990405 Contact Ntc Probe

Part: 990405

Price: £12.08
Main Boiler Stat 404481

Part: 404481

Price: £50.10
Chaffoteaux 691216 Thermostat

Part: 691216

Price: £12.52
Heatline D003200379 Overheat Safety Theromostat

Part: D003200379

Price: £39.05
Baxi 402S3678 Thermostat

Part: 402S3678

Price: £55.50
Ideal 170917 Icos Evo Thermistor

Part: 170917

Price: £13.20
Main Boiler Stat 404507

Part: 404507

Price: £24.12
Potterton 404510 Prima Thermostat

Part: 404510

Price: £37.10
Potterton Kit Overheat Stat Cbbu 720126401

Part: 720126401

Price: £10.29
Main 720788201 Hall Sensor

Part: 720788201

Price: £26.64
Potterton Temperature Sensor 232215

Part: 232215

Price: £34.95
Main 402S184 Overheat Limit Thermostat

Part: 402S184

Price: £12.73
Chaffoteaux 921036 Thermostat

Part: 921036

Price: £28.50
Baxi 233952 Bermuda Thermostat

Part: 233952

Price: £17.95
Biasi BI1432102 Flue (NTC)

Part: BI1432102

Price: £12.45
Glowworm 2000801232 Micron Overheat Thermostat

Part: 2000801232

Price: £17.89
Main Thermostat 227799

Part: 227799

Price: £30.83
Ariston 998458 Eurocombi Thermister

Part: 998458

Price: £7.28
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