The time clock is located on the boiler to control the central heating normally on combination boilers. The time clock brings the boiler on at pre-set times throughout the day so heating isn’t on 24 hours a day it allows the user to set and maintain the temperature of the room. Most people set their boiler to come on in the morning just before they get up, they then set the timer to turn the boiler off just before they leave for work. This is then repeated for when they arrive back from work the boiler comes on again and goes off just before they go to bed. The time clock is also referred to as the programmer, timer, time switch or just the boiler clock. They come in mechanical and digital versions depending on the customer’s requirements and they are now available as an App on a smartphone such as Nest & Hive.

Chaffoteaux 569294 Time Clock

Part: 569294

Price: £70.00
Saunier Duval Mechanical Timer 2000800089

Part: 2000800089

Price: £145.57
Potterton Mechanical Clock 10/19114

Part: 10/19114

Price: £49.95
Chaffoteaux 999599 Time Clock

Part: 999599

Price: £90.20
Potterton Optional Clock Kit 31/19053

Part: 31/19053

Price: £50.96
Ideal Mechanical Timer 24Hr 175902

Part: 175902

Price: £39.95
Ideal 173973 Istor Digital Time Clock

Part: 173973

Price: £90.77
Glowworm 0020061649 Betacom Timer

Part: 0020061649

Price: £91.06
Ideal Programmer Insert 175624

Part: 175624

Price: £6.25
Worcester 87161051310 25Si 28Si Programmer

Part: 87161051310

Price: £101.16
Biasi BI1625103 Garda Digital Time Clock

Part: BI1625103

Price: £75.85
Ideal 176506 Mechanical Timer Clock

Part: 176506

Price: £54.80
Heatline D003200125 Programme Timer White

Part: D003200125

Price: £154.31
Baxi 5136456 Mertik Remote-Receiver Kit

Part: 5136456

Price: £175.95
Ideal 110080 Elan 2 Digital Time Clock

Part: 110080

Price: £250.33
Main Clock Electro/Mechanical 10/19114

Part: 10/19114

Price: £49.95
Biasi BI1525101 Riva 24 Hour Digital Time Clock

Part: BI1525101

Price: £71.37
Ideal 174487 Esprit Digital Time Clock

Part: 174487

Price: £131.40
Main Optional Clock Kit E/M 31/19053

Part: 31/19053

Price: £50.96
Sime 6197707 Friendly Mechanical Time Clock

Part: 6197707

Price: £54.34
Glowworm 2000800089 CI & CXI Mechanical Time Clock

Part: 2000800089

Price: £145.57
Saunier Duval S202916 E/M timer + O/R

Part: S202916

Price: £66.02
Chaffoteaux 997207 Time Clock

Part: 997207

Price: £101.89
Ideal 172553 Digital Time Clock

Part: 172553

Price: £82.58
Potterton Timer 24 Hour 247206

Part: 247206

Price: £52.77
Main Main Rf Combi Stat Kit 5117391

Part: 5117391

Price: £142.05
Saunier Duval Timer 0020061649

Part: 0020061649

Price: £91.06
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