Gas Council Number Search

Gas Council Numbers are abbreviated by the letters GC numbers. All boilers in the UK have one and these numbers to identify a the boiler specifically.

Manufacturers of boilers such as Worcester Bosch, Vaillant and Baxi must register their boilers with the Gas Council to ensure they meet the standards set down and each model of boiler registered should be given a unique number “GC Number”, the GC Number is always 7 numbers long and looks like this 47-311-86. These numbers are on your boiler somewhere and are such a help when you require spare parts or technical help because they identify your boiler exactly. The GC number above is for a Worcester Bosch Greenstar Junior 24.

How the number works

47 represents the type of boiler you have and 47 denotes its a combination boiler or Combi as they are commonly known. 41 would indicate that your boiler is either a conventional boiler or a system boiler.

311 is the Manufacturer’s identity and in this case, it’s Worcester Bosch, if the number was 044 this would indicate the manufacturer is Vaillant.

86 is the number the manufacturer gave the boiler so this is the unique number Worcester Bosch gave to this boiler.

AK Gas have integrated a search facility onto this page to help you search for parts using GC Numbers and have tried to make it easy for users. You must type the GC number into the GC Number search bar using the hyphen between the numbers so using the GC Number above 47-311-86 as an example you can see that the hyphen has been used.

Once you’ve typed your GC Number into the search bar you should get your results and in this instance, your results say “we have found 234 parts”. What this means is there are 234 parts that we have listed that fit this boiler from the fan or gas valve down to a screw. We are constantly upgrading our site and adding more and more images to make it even easier to find the correct part first time.