The air pressure switch is designed to detect the operation of the fan and to confirm it is spinning. It is connected to the fan via heat resistant pressure tubes directly on the fan venturies. This enables the printed circuit board to detect if the fan is turning because air flow from the fan closes the air pressure switch which then sends a signal to the pcb confirming the fan is running. At this time gas is sent to the burner and the ignition procedure can start.

If the fan was stop running or jam there would be too little air flow throughout this air pressure switch which would create the air pressure switch to open. A signal is then routed into the printed circuit board instructing that the Ideal boiler to stop sending gas to the burner and to turn the boiler off. This Ideal air pressure change is a fundamental safety device ensuring that the secure functioning of the boiler.

Ideal 173249 Mini C28, C32 Air Pressure Switch

Part: 173249

Price: £78.96
Ideal 172589 Mini Air Pressure Switch

Part: 172589

Price: £59.95
Ideal 111379 Classic Air Pressure Switch

Part: 111379

Price: £53.76
Ideal 137990 Classic Elan Air Pressure Switch

Part: 137990

Price: £68.58
Ideal 172588 Mini Air Pressure Switch

Part: 172588

Price: £49.50
Ideal 173236 Mini He Air Pressure Switch

Part: 173236

Price: £78.96
Ideal 171454 Classic Air Pressure Switch

Part: 171454

Price: £68.25
Ideal 075442 Henrad Wickes Air Pressure Switch

Part: 075442

Price: £72.52