The AAV as it is also known is fitted to the Ideal boiler to ensure that all the air is removed from the central heating system and the boiler. This ensures air can't get into the boiler which could cause air locks and possible damage to the boiler. The auto air vent is normally located on the pump housing ensuring air is removed from the boiler at this point, the point where the water is being circulated and where air bubbles would occur.

The pump circulates water around the boiler and also around the central heating system but if air was present within the pump the pump would cease to be effective, the Ideal boiler would overheat which would cause the boiler to turn off on an overheat fault. Auto Air Vents are fitted to every Ideal boiler and should be checked on a regular basis to ensure they are working and in good working condition.

Ideal 173813 Mini Auto Air Vent

Part: 173813

Price: £8.95
Ideal 075468 Henrad Auto Air Vent

Part: 075468

Price: £15.95
Ideal 113116 Classic Auto Air Vent

Part: 113116

Price: £14.50
Ideal 172668 Imax Auto Air Vent

Part: 172668

Price: £9.95
Ideal 175804 Logic, Independent, I Mini Auto Air Vent

Part: 175804

Price: £19.95
Ideal 172525 Mini Auto Air Vent

Part: 172525

Price: £11.50
Ideal 176457 Procombi Exclusive Auto Air Vent

Part: 176457

Price: £19.95
Ideal 170988 Evo, Icos, Isar, Istor Auto Air Vent

Part: 170988

Price: £25.99