Ideal Spares

Ideal Spares

Ideal is a British manufacturer and has more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing boilers and boiler spare parts, it has been offering high quality heating products whilst at the same time keeping pace with the latest technologies and innovations. Ideal manufacturer high energy efficient commercial boilers, floor standing domestic boilers, combination boilers, system boilers and conventional boilers giving, them one of the largest ranges of boilers to choose from in the UK. They are based in Hull in East Yorkshire and always endeavor to ensure their spare parts and boilers are made of high quality materials and the best components that are available within the heating industry. 

Ideal boilers contain spare parts such as Printed Circuit Boards, Diverter Valves, Fan Assembly, Pressure Transducers, Air Pressure Switches, Electrodes, Burners, Expansion Vessels, Gas Valves, Automatic Air Vents, Pressure Gauges, Pumps and more. 

Below are some of the Ideal boilers these parts fit:

  • Classic FF240, FF250, FF260, FFLX240, FFLX250, FFLX260, HE12, HE15, HE18, HE24
  • Elan, Elan 2
  • Esprit, Esprit 2, Esprit HE
  • Evo HE
  • IMini, ICombi, Icos HE, Isar HE
  • Independent, Istor HE
  • Logic, Logic Plus +
  • Mexico, Mexico Super
  • Mini C24, C28, S24, S28
  • Optia
  • ProCombi Exclusive 24, 30, 35
  • Vogue C26, C32, C40, S15, S26, S32

We have been selling quality Ideal spare parts for over 10 years which you can purchase via our comprehensive website using our easy to use search facilities, if you can't find what it is your looking for just give us a call and we will be more than happy to help. Getting the right quality spare part first time is essential, especially when winter is upon us, because no hot water or central heating can be distressing, that is why we pride ourselves in quickly delivering you the correct part first time.

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