These parts are in the Ideal boiler to ensure that the pressure within the boiler operates within safe parameters normally between 1 to 2.5 bar. The expansion vessel should be half full of air and half full of water both separated by a rubber diaphragm. The common problem customer's encounter when the Ideal expansion vessel is faulty is the boiler pressure builds to 3 bar and hot water starts to dribble through the pressure relief valve and outside via the discharge pipe.

When the boiler then cools down the pressure in the boiler falls to 0 bar and won?t start. The customer then has to fill their Ideal boiler back up by using the filling loop normally located below the boiler. Once the pressure in the boiler is back at 1 -1.5bar the boiler will start to work again.

Ideal 177540 Logic Independent Expansion Vessel

Part: 177540

Price: £82.20
Ideal 079268 Sprint DHW Expansion Vessel

Part: 079268

Price: £90.84
Ideal 075179 Response DHW Expansion Vessel

Part: 075179

Price: £54.97
Ideal 172529 Europa Mini Expansion Vessel

Part: 172529

Price: £49.95
Ideal 175551 Logic Independent Expansion Vessel

Part: 175551

Price: £83.40
Ideal 176865 Vogue Expansion Vessel

Part: 176865

Price: £80.43
Ideal 075200 Response Henrad Expansion Vessel

Part: 075200

Price: £148.40
Ideal 173194 Istor 8 Litre Expansion Vessel

Part: 173194

Price: £86.74
Ideal 075424 C80FF Wickes Expansion Vessel

Part: 075424

Price: £93.91
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Ideal 177601 Pro Combi Exclusive Expansion Vessel

Part: 177601

Price: £85.85
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Ideal 175550 Independent Logic Expansion Vessel Pipe

Part: 175550

Price: £32.77
Ideal 170989 Esprit Icos Expansion Vessel

Part: 170989

Price: £168.97
Ideal 113205 Classic Expansion Vessel

Part: 113205

Price: £85.98
Ideal 172432 Boxer Europa Expansion Vessel

Part: 172432

Price: £155.45
No image found
Ideal 176464 Pro Combi Exclusive Expansion Vessel

Part: 176464

Price: £79.55