Micro Switches are normally located in the hydraulic and diverter valve section of the boiler, they usually detect if a pump is running or if a diverter valve has moved position from heating to hot water, this then sends a signal to the printed circuit board, letting it know that more hot water is needed. Micro Switches are generally fitted to older boilers but can be found in some of the newer more energy efficient ***** boilers.

Ideal 004346 Reset Switch T0916S0Aaa

Part: 004346

Price: £8.29
Ideal 075419 Mini Microswitch

Part: 075419

Price: £12.25
Ideal 065877 Test Switch 95325120 Bucc Es

Part: 065877

Price: £17.00
Ideal 173537 Mains Switch Kit

Part: 173537

Price: £14.97