These gauges monitor and visually display?s the pressure that is present within the boiler. On most Ideal boilers the pressure gauge is located within the facia at the bottom of the boiler and is an analogue type of gauge with a needle pointing to the pressure. In the newer boilers the gauges are of digital type and can only be seen when a small button is pressed to display the pressure. The digital type pressure gauges are reliant on a pressure transducer that is located within the Ideal boiler transmitting the information to the gauge via the pcb.
Ideal 179136 Pressure Gauge Vouge

Part: 179136

Price: £17.94
Ideal 113089 Classic Pressure Gauge

Part: 113089

Price: £81.52
Ideal 172413 Europa Boxer Pressure Gauge

Part: 172413

Price: £52.24
Ideal 170991 Evo Isar Pressure Gauge

Part: 170991

Price: £34.75
Ideal 172551 Mini Europa Pressure Gauge

Part: 172551

Price: £29.95
Ideal 175679 Logic Pressure Gauge

Part: 175679

Price: £17.33