This part is fitted to the older standard efficiency Ideal boilers that have a permanent pilot light, they are an early way of detecting if there is a flame present. They are made from 2 dissimilar metals that when heated generates a small electrical current that is then sent down to the gas valve to hold in the pilot solenoid on the gas valve allowing the user to let go of the knob. If the pilot light goes out for any reason the thermocouple cools down, the electrical current decreases allowing the pilot solenoid to drop out. Once the pilot solenoid has dropped out the gas to the burner is extinguished and the Ideal boiler is switched off for safety.
Ideal 000842 Classic & Concord Thermocouple

Part: 000842

Price: £8.95
Ideal 111880 Classic Thermocouple

Part: 111880

Price: £8.95
Ideal 003876 Mexico Thermocouple

Part: 003876

Price: £8.95
Ideal 002700 Concord & Elan Thermocouple

Part: 002700

Price: £8.95
Ideal 173228 Concord Lead For Thermocouple

Part: 173228

Price: £44.62
Ideal 030032 Mexico & Concord Thermocouple

Part: 030032

Price: £8.95
Ideal 004058 Elan & Mexico Thermocouple

Part: 004058

Price: £16.49
Ideal 002937 Concord Thermocouple

Part: 002937

Price: £12.95
Ideal 056249 Concord Thermocouple

Part: 056249

Price: £27.30