Intergas Boiler Spare Parts

Intergas are a boiler manufacturer with a 50-year history of making ground-breaking high efficient reliable boilers whilst lowering emissions and energy bills for their customers.

They have been very successful at doing this because of their two-in-one heat exchanger which is at the heart of their boilers. The heat exchanger hasn’t changed since its 1996 launch and remains in a class of its own. By only having one heat exchanger makes the boiler more efficient when reaching the required heat output compared to other boilers that are sold in the UK. Intergas boilers can routinely lower emissions by up to 20% and shave up to a further 5% off energy bills over all other condensing boilers that are supplied in the UK. If you’re looking for a boiler that won’t let you down (the Intergas heat exchanger has never had a single mechanical failure) but performs at the very highest level of efficiency and reliability year in, year out, then Intergas boilers are for you.

Intergas boilers can have up to 12 years warranty when an Intergas magnetic filter is fitted, meaning you have the peace of mind that when the boiler is fitted you have 12 years of hassle-free heating and hot water as long as the boiler is serviced by a Gas Safe Engineer.

We at AK Gas are one of the largest suppliers of Intergas boiler spare parts and boilers in the north of England, we sell them from our trade counter in Leeds West Yorkshire and stock a wide range of their boilers and spare parts, Intergas have the following models of boilers:

  • Xtreme
  • Xclusive
  • Eco RF
  • HRE
  • Rapid
  • Rapid Plus