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Main Boiler Spare Parts Leeds West Yorkshire

Main spare parts are available to help you deal with any boiler issue. Main is a renowned manufacturer that has been developing domestic gas boilers for decades. They offer quality gas boilers such as combination boilers, heat only boilers, and system boilers. The boilers are designed and developed to provide customers with excellent energy efficiency while at the same time offering value for money. Main also manufactures unvented cylinders, water heaters and solar heating system, giving customers a complete range of heating products to choose from. Read on to discover more about the boiler spares we have for sale.

What Boiler Spares, Do We Sell For Main Boilers?

Main boilers contain spare parts such as Printed Circuit Boards, Diverter Valves, Fan Assembly, Pressure Transducers, Air Pressure Switches, Electrodes, Burners, Expansion Vessels, Gas Valves, Automatic Air Vents, Pressure Gauges, Pumps and more. All you need to do is browse the products below or use the easy search facility to find the specific part you are searching for. If you don’t know what it is you need, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we would be more than happy to assist you with this.

The Main boiler parts we sell fit into the following Main boilers:

  • Combi 24, 24HE, 30HE
  • Medway, Mersey, Multipoint, Trent, Thames Water Heater

One thing that you should know about the Main Combi 24 HE parts, Medway parts, and all of the other Main parts we sell is that they are 100 per cent genuine and have been designed specifically for use with Main boilers. One mistake we see a lot of customers make is purchasing low-quality parts or parts that are not suitable for their specific make and model of boiler. This may seem like a quick and easy solution, but it is only going to cost you more money in the long run, as it will ultimately lead to more significant and more expensive problems with your boilers. This is even more so the case if you purchase second-hand boiler parts! Stay away from eBay and other websites like this. If you want to protect the longevity and enhance the performance of your boiler, genuine, high-quality parts are a necessity.

Common Issues With Main Boilers That Require Main Boiler Parts

When it comes to all types of boilers, many problems happen more regularly than others. We are going to take a look at some of the most common boiler issues, as well as what you can do about them and the Main boiler parts you will need to purchase to solve the problem. If your boiler is heating water but will not switch on the central heating, the problem could be with your thermostat or the diverter valve. Some boilers will not heat a room that is set to lower than a specific temperature, usually 21 degrees. Try increasing the temperature and see if this makes a difference. If it doesn't, it is likely you will need to get your hands on a new diverter valve. We often get a lot of people contacting us asking for Main Combi 30 HE parts because their boiler keeps cutting out. If this is the case, you should start by checking your pressure gauge. If this is not the cause of the problem, it could be that you have a faulty pump. If you have a boiler that is leaking or dripping, this tends to indicate that an internal component has broken down, and usually a simple replacement will rectify this. In a lot of cases, it will be the pressure valve or the pump seal that is the root of the issue.

Reasons To Purchase Main Boiler Parts From Us

No matter whether you are looking for Main combi 30 eco parts or any other type of Main boiler parts, you need a company that you can trust to deliver the right part every time. You can be confident that this is the case with AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd. We have many years of experience in the industry, and an exceptional track record to back it up. We encourage you to click the ‘feedback' tab at the top of the page, as this will take you to the comments we have received from our previous customers. This will give you an insight into the five-star service we provide. No matter whether you are a homeowner or you want to open a trade account, we promise to deliver excellence at every turn. We will happily help you to find the right part that you need for your boiler, as well as offering any professional advice we can about the issues you are experiencing. Our prices are competitive, and we offer many different delivery options as well. This includes next day delivery, enabling you to rectify the problem with your boiler as soon as possible. After all, we all know how inconvenient boiler issues can be, especially during the colder winter months. Browse our website or give us a call today if you need assistance with your Main boiler. Moreover, if you are a trade customer and you want to set up an account, please do not hesitate to inquire about this.

Fix Your Main Boiler With AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd

AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd are located in Leeds West Yorkshire and have been offering a wide variety of Main boiler spare parts to our clients in Leeds and around the UK for over 10 years. They are available on our website, and you can quickly search for them and choose the part you require via our easy to use searches. If you can't find what it is you are looking for, give us a call. We aim to provide you with the best. It is paramount to have a boiler in winter that keeps the rooms warm for the whole day, so a speedy repair is a must. Shop online, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call us on 01977 554775. We will always aim to get back to your emails as soon as possible.