The Divertor Valve is also known as a 3 way valve/three way valve, its a mechanical boiler part that pushes the hot water that's produced by the Saunier Duval boiler either to the hot tap (if there is a demand for hot water)or around the central heating if there is a demand for central heating. Note a Saunier Duval combi boiler can only supply heat to 1 source at any one time, either hot water or central heating but not both at the same time.
Saunier Duval Diverter valve 0020118196

Part: 0020118196

Price: £10.10
Saunier Duval Valve, 3-way S021002478

Part: S021002478

Price: £140.37
Saunier Duval 3 way valve assembly 0020018574

Part: 0020018574

Price: £204.17
Saunier Duval Hydroblock flow 0020064049

Part: 0020064049

Price: £79.95
Saunier Duval S1079100 3 way valve assembly

Part: S1079100

Price: £157.42
Saunier Duval Motor 3-way valve 2000801912

Part: 2000801912

Price: £32.25
Saunier Duval Memb cover S801201

Part: S801201

Price: £26.95