Worcester Bosch Boiler Spare Parts

Worcester Bosch Boiler Spare Parts

Worcester Bosch Boiler Spare Parts Leeds West Yorkshire

Worcester Bosch spares could make all the difference if you experience a boiler breakdown in the middle of winter. There is little worse than waking up to a freezing cold house, or not being able to have a hot bath at the end of a long winter’s day. But if your boiler breaks down, this is exactly what you face. Furthermore, if you cannot get it repaired or replaced quickly, then your ordeal may go on several days or more. However, you can set things to rights fast if you know how and where to access quality, genuine manufactured parts from Worcester Bosch.

Know Your Worcester Bosch Boiler Spares

Worcester was founded in 1962 and became a part of Bosch Group in 1996. It manufactures heating products including gas boilers, boiler spare parts, oil boilers, heat pumps, hot water cylinders and solar water heating systems. All the main processes including manufacturing of gas boilers are carried out in Worcester and all the oil boilers are manufactured at another site in Derbyshire. It is a reputable organisation that is satisfying its customers’ expectations through advanced, quality heating products. Worcester Bosch, as it is now known, offer a complete solution to all heating installations giving customers one of the largest ranges of heating products on the market.

Worcester Bosch boilers contain spare parts such as Printed Circuit Boards, Diverter Valves, Fan Assembly, Pressure Transducers, Air Pressure Switches, Electrodes, Burners, Expansion Vessels, Gas Valves, Automatic Air Vents, Pressure Gauges, Pumps and more.

These Worcester Bosch boiler spares fit into the following Worcester boilers:

  • 240, 280
  • Camray
  • CDI, I, SBI, SI
  • Danesmoor
  • Junior 24I, 28I
  • Greenstar I, CDI, Classic, Compact, Highflow, Junior, Si, System
  • Greenstore 6, 7, 9, 11
  • Heatslave
  • Highflow 3.5, 4.5, 400

If you need Worcester Bosch combi boiler spare parts, or indeed parts for any other boiler, then the first step is to check the make, model and manufacturer of the boiler. This information is usually found on the exterior of the unit itself, or on a flap or panel on the underside of the boiler. It is essential that you check this so that any components you source are compatible with the heating system you have. An alternative place to find this information will be in the original operating manual that you should have received when the boiler was installed.

Why Cheap Is Not Always Best For Worcester Bosch Boiler Parts

There are generally two considerations at the forefront of your mind when your boiler breaks down – speed and cost. You want the boiler repaired as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Boiler breakdowns can be expensive, especially as more often than not they require the intervention of an experienced engineer. Purchasing your own spare parts is one way to reduce your costs, and as you search online, you are likely to come across some very cheap options. These can be very tempting, especially if you are on a restricted budget. However, they rarely turn out to be a cheap as they seem. Firstly, if the price of the components seems too good to be true, then they are unlikely to be official Worcester Bosch boiler parts. This means that it will not necessarily be manufactured in the UK or tested to the same standard as official parts. Consequently, the quality, safety or longevity of the part cannot be guaranteed. Fitting such a part could cause it to break, causing further damage to your boiler. Alternatively, you could find that it breaks down again days or weeks later, potentially causing far more damage, or leaving you with a dangerous boiler. Official Worcester Bosch spares are created to the same specifications as their heating systems and meet all current safety guidelines. Rigorous testing ensures that you get value for money and do not have to replace the same part time and time again.

Why Source Spare Parts For Worcester Bosch Boilers From Official Sources

Sourcing official parts for your Worcester Bosch heating system is important for the quality and longevity of your repair, but so too is ensuring that you purchase the right spare part. Whether you are looking for a mechanical time clock, an electronic timer or a printed circuit board, using an official supplier is the best way to ensure you get the parts you need. A quality Worcester Bosch boiler replacement parts online supplier will stock a wide range of parts, and list them in a way that makes it easy to find what you need. Excellent quality Worcester Bosch spares suppliers provide easily accessible and pertinent information on each and every part that they offer. Among the details that should be provided are the name and serial number of the part, the role of the part within the heating system, and a list of the boilers that the part is compatible with. The best providers also use clear and close-up pictures of each part, so you can compare the part that needs replacing. If you are unsure or have any questions, then it is, however, always best to contact the supplier and discuss your specific needs. All quality suppliers of spare parts for Worcester Bosch boilers and heating systems will be happy to provide advice and guidance, or will be able to point you in the right direction.

Find Only Quality Worcester Bosch Spares With AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd

AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd are located in Leeds West Yorkshire and have been offering a wide variety of Worcester boiler spare parts to our clients in Leeds and around the UK for over 10 years. We never compromise on quality or customer service, and that is the reason we offer only the best Worcester Bosch spare parts. You can find the part you are looking for by using our easy-to-use search facilities on our website at https://www.akgas.co.uk. If you can't find the Worcester Bosch spares you are looking for or need assistance with any aspect of your purchase or shipping, then just give us a call on 01977 554775. We are always delighted to assist.

Worcester 87161063560 Greenstar LH Block

Part: 87161063560

Price: £19.45
Worcester Bosch 87161064330 Greenstar Flow Adaptor

Part: 87161064330

Price: £4.10
Worcester Bosch 8716118443 Greenstar Fan

Part: 8716118443

Price: £169.07
Worcester Bosch 8716121817 Greenstar Cdi Electrode

Part: 8716121817

Price: £45.07
Worcester Bosch 87161064420 Greenstar Return RH Block

Part: 87161064420

Price: £147.05
Worcester Bosch 87161064310 Greenstar Pressure Relief Valve

Part: 87161064310

Price: £20.65
Worcester Bosch 87161066850 Greenstar Junior Heat Exchanger (Plate)

Part: 87161066850

Price: £133.38
Worcester Bosch 87161066860 Greenstar Heat Exchanger (Plate)

Part: 87161066860

Price: £90.99
Worcester Bosch 87161163810 Greenstar Junior i Si Electrode

Part: 87161163810

Price: £27.95
Worcester Bosch 87161068470 Greenstar (Motor) Diverter Valve

Part: 87161068470

Price: £53.12
Worcester Bosch Greenstar Fan Pcb

Part: 8716118443-1

Price: £84.95
Worcester Bosch 87161066630 Greenstar MT10 Mechanical Time Clock

Part: 87161066630

Price: £76.93
Worcester Bosch 87161157540 Greenstar Flow Sensor

Part: 87161157540

Price: £39.80
Worcester 87186892750 Keyless Filling Link

Part: 87186892750

Price: £45.00
Worcester Greenstar Cdi Classic Pcb

Part: 8748300910

Price: £85.50
Worcester Greenstar Junior, System & Si Complete Pump 8716119822

Part: 8716119822

Price: £80.85
Worcester Ignition Device

Part: 8738901633

Price: £94.70
Worcester Flow Pipe 87161030720

Part: 87161030720

Price: £34.65
Worcester Bosch Printed Circuit Board 8748300913

Part: 8748300913

Price: £96.19
Worcester Danesmoor Photocell 8716119635

Part: 8716119635

Price: £29.98
Worcester Danesmoor Photocell 8716119605

Part: 8716119605

Price: £29.98
Worcester Bosch 87161567180 9.24 Heatslave Gas Valve

Part: 87161567180

Price: £180.00
Worcester Bosch 87161567100 Heatslave 9.24 Diverter Valve

Part: 87161567100

Price: £109.95
Worcester Bosch 87161424500 9.24 Diverter Valve

Part: 87161424500

Price: £75.00
Worcester Bosch 87161424430 280 Rsf, Highflow 400 Air Pressure Switch

Part: 87161424430

Price: £45.95
Worcester 87155058250 Greenstar Bearing Plate

Part: 87155058250

Price: £9.14
Worcester Electrode-Double 87081070080

Part: 87081070080

Price: £44.45
Worcester Harness T0000781090

Part: T0000781090

Price: £48.40
Worcester Bosch 87161461600 Highflow 28I Flow Switch

Part: 87161461600

Price: £40.16
Worcester Bosch 87161209810 Harness Main

Part: 87161209810

Price: £28.38
Worcester Bosch 87161209710 24I Flow Switch

Part: 87161209710

Price: £42.65
Worcester Bosch 87161209090 Potentiometer

Part: 87161209090

Price: £15.55
Worcester Bosch 87161126100 Harness Main Mk1

Part: 87161126100

Price: £32.59
Worcester Pump Cable 87161073290

Part: 87161073290

Price: £8.39
Worcester Bosch 87161067390 Ignition Lead

Part: 87161067390

Price: £22.17
Worcester Main Harness 87161066990

Part: 87161066990

Price: £25.44
Worcester Bosch 87144113270 Harness For Fan

Part: 87144113270

Price: £14.45
Worcester Bosch 87044010230 Cable

Part: 87044010230

Price: £14.02
Worcester Washer 87290001830

Part: 87290001830

Price: £7.80
Worcester Bosch 87161409200 Washer

Part: 87161409200

Price: £3.95
Worcester Washer 18.6 X 13.5 X 1.5 (1X) 87161156800

Part: 87161156800

Price: £3.95
Worcester Bosch 87161052180 Washer Fibre Self Adhesive 30X22.5X1.5Mm

Part: 87161052180

Price: £3.95
Worcester Bosch 87101031610 Greenstar Washers (Pack Of 10)

Part: 87101031610

Price: £7.52
Worcester Bosch 87101031540 Washer Set

Part: 87101031540

Price: £3.95
Worcester Fibre Washer 23.9 X 17.2 X 1.5 (10X) 87101030430

Part: 87101030430

Price: £3.95
Worcester Bosch 77161922050 Washer (Fibre Pack)

Part: 77161922050

Price: £12.78
Worcester Bosch 87174010160 Blow Off Valve

Part: 87174010160

Price: £7.80
Worcester Bosch 87170021100 R He Valve (Water)

Part: 87170021100

Price: £113.48
Worcester Bosch 87161567550 Valve C.H. (Uk)

Part: 87161567550

Price: £14.88
Worcester Bosch 87161424180 Isolator Valve 15mm

Part: 87161424180

Price: £18.66
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